About Us

About Us

The iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows devices are cutting edge versatile mobile platforms on which to develop and deploy mobile applications. With millions of applications already in App Stores and billions of downloads per year, the market is exceedingly hot right now. There are hundreds of millions of mobile devices sold worldwide and the numbers continue to grow exponentially.

TeliApp has over thirty combined years of mobile application development experience. The company founders’ first application was TravelerSOS, which was built into Palm Computing’s first fully wireless handheld device, the Palm7X and was released in 2002. Since then, TeliApp has designed and distributed applications for customers and for internal projects. The company founders are fortunate to enjoy the unique benefit of extensive training and experience in many disciplines and have worked together on various mutually beneficial business endeavors. This long-standing familiarity is a tremendous asset.

Our staff has created and sold products that have been sold in hundreds of thousands of retail stores nationwide, including well known retail superstores such as Rite Aid, Staples, Advance Auto Parts, Target, Wal*Mart, and many others. We have written dozens of business plans, started sales departments, call centers, businesses, even restaurants. We have led both general and intricate business operations initiatives including product procurement, packaging design, shipping and distribution logistics, new product development and more.

We have been involved in recruiting and training virtually every tier of personnel. We have also played a role in supervision of company finances, particularly in setting strict financial goals and meeting revenue projections. We have managed teams of senior personnel of varying sizes, providing leadership for business operations, merchandising and marketing strategies, brand strategy, product development, business development and internal corporate development. We have led complex application development initiatives for a variety of interactive computer applications including sales applications, customer service applications, reporting systems anti-fraud program for credit card charging,  pre-paid card usage and more.

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