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TeliApp employs an impressive group of professionals that have the experience to know that our “no stone left unturned” philosophy is the only one that enables a progressive technology company continue to evolve in its industry.

Would you like to do business with TeliApp? While we can’t promise that we will work with you, we can guarantee that your request won’t fall upon deaf ears. We carefully consider every request for business and corporate development, strategic partnerships and all sorts of mutually beneficial relationships. To get in touch with us you can fill out the form below, or fill out any of the contact forms throughout our website.

Please note that there is only one exception to this rule – the only thing we do not and will not consider is outsourcing our work. TeliApp does not outsource work. This goes for software development, graphic design and everything else. If you are a software development group or a graphic design team hoping that we will outsource to you – do not bother contacting us, as we will not even reply to you. However, if you would like to outsource any type of work to TeliApp, that we will gladly consider. Several overseas software companies have contracted with TeliApp to do mobile application development and graphic design work for them, since they had potential United States clients who absolutely did not want to utilize an overseas software or graphic design company. If you fall into this category, feel free to contact us to do your software development. Our team is entirely United States based, and located in the same business office.

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