Custom Development

Custom Mobile Application Development

iOS, Android & Windows Development

TeliApp has over thirty years of combined years of mobile application development experience. The company founders’ first application was TravelerSOS, which was built into Palm Computing’s first fully wireless handheld device, the Palm7X and was released in 2002. Since then, TeliApp has designed and distributed dozens of mobile apps on multiple platforms. TeliApp’s development team has extensive experience with all iOS, Android and Windows based smartphones and tablets.

Enterprise Solutions

TeliApp can custom build seamless, flawless and fraud-proof mobile enterprise applications for any mobile device, simultaneously streamlining all business backend operations for internal and external use. The need of mobile devices within businesses to help streamline operations, sales and inter-department communication growing at a fast pace. Mobile applications that deliver up to the minute content quickly and easily should be a priority for companies as customers become more mainstream with mobile devices and employees become more efficient with using them.

Private Label Opportunities

Depending on your business or your personal business experience, you may be in a position to sell the power of mobile application development to small, medium and even large businesses. Perhaps your company designs websites and while it recognizes the growing need to offer the option of a mobile application, your company does not currently possess the in-house skill-set to properly accommodate those clients. Additionally, you may need to offer these services directly, rather than through an obvious third party partner such as TeliApp. Whatever the case may be, TeliApp can empower your company to offer mobile application development services as your own. TeliApp can work with you, behind the scenes, to make certain that your clients view you as the production house for their mobile application development. When the mobile application is complete, your company takes full credit for the application and it will be your business name on the Company Info – not ours.

Venture Apps – The Next Best App Idea

Have a great new idea for a game, business or social utility but need an experienced company to build it for you? TeliApp is uniquely positioned to build your mobile app within the quickest turn around time possible. Let TeliApp convert your app from a dream to a reality.

Small Business Apps

Small businesses have a strong need for a basic native iOS and Android mobile application. For example, restaurants may want to have a mobile app that allows customers to reach them the same way the customers normally would through a website. Having an app in a customer’s phone is akin to having a business card in a customer’s wallet. For only $299, TeliApp will build a professional iOS and Android native mobile application for your business. An optional maintenance fee of $2.99 per month guarantees compatibility with future releases of the iOS and Android platforms.

Other Web Development Services

In addition to our mobile application development capabilities, TeliApp is skilled with web development, HTML5 development, web marketing services, true search engine optimization (SEO), social media networking, graphic design and alpha, beta and gamma testing services.