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Mobile Application Enterprise Solutions for Businesses

TeliApp can custom build seamless, flawless and fraud-proof enterprise applications for any mobile device, simultaneously streamlining all business backend operations for internal and external use. The need of mobile devices within businesses to help streamline operations, sales and inter-department communication growing at a fast pace. Mobile applications that deliver up to the minute content quickly and easily should be a priority for companies as customers become more mainstream with mobile devices and employees become more efficient with using them.

Increasing Demand For Mobile Application Technology Within Enterprises

Companies are already deploying mobile applications to deliver content to employees, and the primary drivers for this mobile adoption are business operation consolidation, sales force automation, service desk applications, expense submissions, ERP, financials, HR, and purchasing. We are realizing this mobile trend at TeliApp with growing requests for mobile applications to deliver on-demand content, both to internal personnel and customers/prospects. These applications are helping to align sales, marketing and other departments, significantly reduce the purchasing cycle, and efficiently track interactions to bottom line results.

Better Alignment Between Departments

Misalignment between departments is a challenge, especially with companies that utilize unintegrated data systems. With the rapid adoption of mobile integration to these systems, departments will be better aligned and work closer together. For example, marketing content can be created and managed in a CMS and be updated as often as necessary by the marketing department. At the same time, sales department personnel would be able to update this content on their mobile devices through a mobile application and have that updated content for customers and prospects in desired formats. The integration of these applications with sales force automation and other internal systems enable efficient tracking from lead to sale and beyond providing service personnel with valuable information they need for post-sale support. Through consistent flow of content and communication these mobile applications help create more satisfying customer experiences.

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