Other Solutions

Website Development

In addition to our impressive application development team, TeliApp has an experienced and talented graphic design group able to work with you to bring your vision to life, encapsulating the essence of your business in a concise and professional website. If your vision is unclear, our marketing department will consult with you on how to best market and present your company online.

Marketing Services

TeliApp’s marketing packages employ a variety of new marketing strategies to help you save money and to best harness the Internet to your advantage.

True Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In today’s growing sea of websites, the key to reaping the benefits of the digital age is what we have come to call True Search Engine Optimization (T-SEO). Search Engine Optimization brings your website to the top of the Google results, rendering more viewers and, in turn, more solicitations. T-SEO requires specific knowledge of how to correctly structure and code a website, backlink, the use of buzzwords and, more importantly, truly link to other major sites throughout the web. We at TeliApp not only have this knowledge, but our expansive public relations connections offer you a unique networking advantage. We will most effectively construct your website and its text as well as employ our connections to build your business’ name beyond the site. As part of the SEO service, TeliApp’s marketing department will consult with you on the many different ways that you can get your business’ name out there. Our marketing specialists will submit articles on behalf of your company to major publications, relevant TV programs and radio shows, gaining exposure for your brand over a variety of media platforms while saving you thousands of dollars on AdWords.

Social Media Networking

Because we understand the Internet trends of today and how to best make use of these trends for profit, TeliApp employs several “social media gurus” specializing in marketing across all major social networking platforms. Full utilization of social networking sites requires an informed vocabulary for the specific sites and an understanding of how to best generate followers. Our experts make use of their in depth knowledge of social media marketing to make these enormously popular sites work for you. By creating a more active social networking presence for your business, our specialists will generate organic search results in all popular search engines, including Google, Yahoo and more, saving you money on advertising in the short and long term.

Graphic Design

Our marketing department will consult on how to generate the most effective logo and graphics for your brand. Then, our skilled graphic design group will sit down with you and bring your best vision to life, highlighting the best elements of your company. This service includes online and print materials, complete with print ads, brochures, business cards and more.

Testing Services

Alpha, Beta & Gamma Testing

TeliApp has the ability to quickly and seamlessly integrate with your in-house software development team during peak times of development. With limited notice our testing services can be activated or deactivated in order to accommodate the fluctuating amount of testing needed for your software projects. From desktop applications to web based and mobile application systems, TeliApp can handle it. Click here for more.