Small Business Apps

Why Every Small Business Needs A Mobile App

Many small businesses have a strong need for a basic mobile application. For instance, restaurants may want to have a mobile app that allows customers to reach them the same way the customers normally would through a website. Having an app in a customer’s phone is akin to having a business card in a customer’s wallet. However, the restaurant cannot afford the thousands of dollars it would normally cost to build the mobile application.

For only $299, TeliApp will build a professional iOS and Android native mobile application for your business. An optional maintenance fee of $2.99 per month guarantees compatibility with future releases of the iOS and Android platforms.

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The level of importance to small businesses to promote their own mobile application should not be understated. In this financially troubled economy, the small business owner finds it increasingly difficult to compete with the Goliath superstores. Small businesses do not have the necessary capital to engage in a regional advertising campaign in order to compete. As a result, young generational shoppers and new homeowners no longer consider small businesses in the local business district for their shopping needs. Instead, they go straight to the superstore centers. Local pizza stores are competing with other local pizza stores in the area. But to a larger degree, they are competing with Pizza Hut, Dominos and Papa John’s.

Marketing Your Mobile App Is Simpler Than You Think

How do you get the word out about your small business’ mobile app once it’s available on the app stores? Simple. Print out a nice color flyer, hang it on every community bulletin board, church, synagogue, high school bulletin board, etc… As soon as people see that your mobile app is available for download, they’ll download it to their phone or tablet. Want to virtually guarantee downloads? Simply put in the flyer that anyone who shops your store and shows that they have downloaded your mobile app gets a special discount. Your mobile app will instantly expose your business to thousands of new customers you never would have had.

Mobile apps are hot, and small businesses need a way to compete to stay in business. A low cost mobile app can dramatically help a small business. TeliApp created the only viable solution that can save the small business world – the development of mobile applications for their small business. With a mobile application from TeliApp, small businesses can finally promote their mobile app to their existing customers as well as new ones, thereby spreading their reach by word of mouth. To further help small businesses, we deploy our own free mobile app that serves as a directory link between all the apps we develop through our Small Business Soloutions, and also links to their individual app.

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