Don’t Text And Drive App

Don’t Text And Drive App

TeliApp is currently developing software that, if installed on a user’s smartphone, will enable parents to know their child’s location and to see if their child is texting while driving. The app uses proprietary code that was developed in house that utilizes geocoded data and enables automated gyroscopic sensory data input in order for the app to make calculated determinations as to whether the user is driving and texting at the same time. TeliApp has engaged a wide range of research subjects in order to gather the preliminary data that was required in order to create the predictive¬†algorithms¬†utilized by the app.

If the app proves successful, TeliApp intends to create a version of the software that could be included in iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows operating system software as a built in feature. Enabling this feature would disable the capability to send and receive texts and emails as long as the app detects that the user of the smartphone is the driver of the vehicle. If a passenger in the vehicle has the feature enabled, the passenger will still be able to send and receive texts and emails without any change.

If you would like to participate in the development of this app, please contact us!

Information about the app was recently published in an online article, which can be viewed here.

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