Mobile SlitLamp Sleeve & App

Mobile SlitLamp Sleeve & App for Smartphones

TeliApp is currently building a smartphone attachment adapted for use with smartphones, together with a smartphone application, to take the place of a conventional ophthalmic slitlamp.

What on earth is a Slit-lamp?

Currently, ophthalmologists and optometrists use a very expensive and complicated machine called a “slit-lamp”  in order to examine a patient’s eyes. The slit-lamp has very powerful lenses and a bright light that allows the eye doctor to see the patient’s eye in a 3D manner, making it less complicated to diagnose problems.

In order for the eye to be examined, the patient needs to come in to the eye doctor’s office. But sometimes, a patient is older or disabled and a caregiver is unable to transport the patient to and from the eye doctor’s office, and the patient goes untreated.

The SlitLamp Sleeve & App

The SlitLamp Sleeve & App will solve this problem. The SlitLamp Sleeve will fit over a smartphone, and will work from home. It will allow a caregiver to take the same kind of high resolution pictures of the patient’s eye and send them to the eye doctor so that they can be examined by a professional. The app that will be used on the smartphone will even allow the eye doctor to control the angle of the lenses and the angle of the light making the app super simple to be used. 

The SlitLamp Sleeve can even be used by the army. The anticipated military benefit will be the significant expenses saved on the cost and operation of a conventional slit-lamp, the lack of endangerment of additional personnel required to use a conventional slit-lamp and the speed at which accurate ocular diagnoses could be made from virtually any location under virtually any condition.

The long term commercial benefits include but are not limited to enabling accurate ocular diagnoses from a patient’s home, ushering in a new era of at home ocular diagnoses for elderly, immobile and other patients.