Music Where I Go

Seamless Music Transfer From Your Mobile Device To Your Car

TeliApp is currently developing an app for iOS, Android and Windows that will work with any automotive stereo system, original or after market, that has the capability to receive music wirelessly, either through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Near Field Communication (NFC). TeliApp is in the process of reaching out to automotive manufacturers and companies that produce after market stereo systems for cars to develop relationships to help facilitate the app’s production.

Most people listen to music on their mobile devices on their way into our out of their car. The problem people have is that once in the car, they need to pause the music, connect their mobile device to the car either by the use of a wire that connects the earphone jack of the mobile device to the audio jack of the car, or through a generally bulky and unpleasant device that needs to be plugged in to the audio jack of the car and also to the power plug inside the car.

TeliApp is constantly thinking of new innovative ideas that can help people improve their daily lives. This time, it came from Richard Palmer, a member of our business development group. “I listen to my music on my iPhone in the morning on my way to the car. Wouldn’t it be great if all I had to do was take off my earphones and when I start my car the music automatically plays on my car’s stereo without me having to do anything?”

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