Awkward Interview Moments

Recently, I was asked to speak about awkward interview moments for an article that was published on the website I wrote “As a young tech start-up, I have done MUCH of the recruiting and interviewing myself. I have SO MANY ridiculous, awkward moments, stories and idiotic things that people say and do while they are interviewing. I try to keep the “crazy” out of the confines of the office, it gives me a chance to get out. So I like to conduct interviews at Starbucks, Panera Bread, etc… This practice started because as an early stage start-up we simply didn’t have the funding for office space, overhead, cubicles and office walls – so we went to any place that had free Internet and electric.

I had this one guy who tried to pick up a girl sitting near us while I was conducting the interview! Another one was a girl I interviewed for the position of sales rep. She got a call from her boyfriend, who she apparently had just been intimate with the night before. Turns out she hadn’t been on the pill in a while and he hadn’t used a condom. How do I know this? Because she took the call during the interview and had a screaming match with her phone/boyfriend right in front me. Right in the middle of Starbucks. Needless to say, she didn’t get the job.
I have many others. One guy had this whole presentation planned with a large screen monitor that he brought, and when it didn’t work right, he started to cry and ran out with all his equipment, chords dangling along as he ran. He tripped, fell down – it was a mess.”

Click here to see the full article that Career Bliss published. I’m number 5.

– Josh Weiss, CEO