CEO Resolutions for 2013

Northwood University recently published a piece discussing CEO resolutions for 2013. I was asked to participate and gladly did. Resolutions are something I don’t take lightly, and they’re not just things I do around the New Year. For example, in 2010 I was playing with my daughter on the Wii Fit, setting up our Mii profiles, and my daughter asked me why the Wii drew me fat. (The Wii is an entirely unforgiving device.) I answered her “because I am fat!” And that was the first day of my diet – June 16, 2010.

I resolved to stop needing to suck in my gut, to stop making excuses thinking that I could still “pull it off. Instead, I would get off my fat lazy behind and get back in to shape. I had been in great shape back in college, but working 18 hour days, 6 days a week eating Chinese food 3 times a day for a decade will put some serious poundage on you. And so by mid-December, I had dropped from a whopping 235lb (not my fattest actually, at one point I had been 265lb!!) down to 165lb. Now I hover in the 155lb universe, am nicely cut up and have my 4-6 pack back. It took me seven months to lose it, but once I set my mind to do something – I do it. The picture on my profile page is not from back in college, it’s from a few months ago. That’s what I look like, now.

So too here, I decided to thing long and hard about what I needed to do that was a worthwhile effort for the business. Thing is – I didn’t have to think that long or that hard. As a relatively young high-tech startup, we have only one main goal – and that is to build our revenue streams, thereby growing the company and securing it’s future. And so I resolved to play a critical role in the recruitment, training and development of the needed sales professionals to take us to that next level, instead of doing all the work myself, which I am somewhat accustomed to. To see the full piece published by Northwood University, click here. I intend to attack this resolution with the same level of conviction as any other resolution I resolve to do.