Christina Kugel

Director of Sales

Christina brings eight years of experience in sales and business development. Christina began her career in technical writing as a research assistant at Tufts Dental School at only 15 years of age. In 2007 Christina achieved acclaim as a debater and public speaker, ranking at the very top of the national circuit. She has since been contracted as a public speaking and writing coach for prestigious high schools around the country as well as a personal editor for professionals in the sciences.

Christina expanded her writing career into the world of journalism when she was 17 years old, by publishing articles in her local paper, with a featured article on the town’s tax revenue allocations. She currently continues her journalism career as a political writer and blogger. Christina has been employed as a speech writer for charities with original speeches published in nationally recognized journals. She is a professionally contracted soprano as well as a composer of choral and orchestral music.

Christina graduated Rutgers University with a major in classical music and a minor in psychology. She combines her skills in art, writing and psychology to offer an innovative marketing perspective on sales and business development.