Discussing Politics at Work

I responded to an inquiry from a writer for The Glass Hammer, a website directed at women in the workplace, a couple weeks ago about how to handle the discussion of politics at work — should it be allowed at all? She used part of my reply in her article! I was quoted in the “show some respect” section:

Show Some Respect

Like it or not, political conversations will likely take place from time to time in the office. Bock recommends that employees approach political conversations with curiosity and an open mind, making sure to respect competing viewpoints. Christina Kugel, director of marketing at mobile and enterprise applications company TeliApp Corporation, agrees that the discussion of politics at work is completely acceptable as long as boundaries are respected.

“In order to ensure that everyone feels comfortable at work, managers must express the importance of—and enforce an environment of—mutual respect,” says Kugel. “No one should be put down, mocked or ganged up on based on a political belief. If someone thinks they can’t be respectful, then they should not be engaging in the discussion.”

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