Follow Me for Instagram

Search the globe for Instagram users and say goodbye to hashtags. Get more Instagram followers using our auto-follow feature. It’s that simple, and really awesome.

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About Follow Me

Tired of hashtags?

With the Follow Me app, you can say goodbye to hashtags and search the globe for Instagram posts by using a map. Simply zoom in on the spot, push and hold down, and presto! You can now see every Instagram post in that area.

Need to get more Instagram followers?

Follow Me for Instagram helps all Instagram users get what they really want – more Instagram followers. With Follow Me, you can search the globe for Instagram users and see who is posting anywhere on the planet. You can also search for users near your location. Once you follow them, with Follow Me’s unique “auto follow” feature, if the users you follow also have Follow Me, they automatically follow you back. So follow as many people as you can and they’ll follow you back!

How do I get started?

Simple. Download Follow Me and start using our awesome map feature, where you can search the globe and see people posting to Instagram! All you have to do is push to hold down anywhere on the globe and you’ll see Instagram users in that area. Red pins show you the whole area feed, purple pins show you the individual Instagram user’s picture posts and green pins show you the individual Instagram user’s video posts. Follow them so that they can follow you back!

Users Nearby

At any time you can flip to the Users Nearby page where you’ll see a list of all the Instagram users in your area. You can follow them one by one or just click to follow all of them at once and then automatically see a new batch of Instagram users in your area.

Auto Follow

With our unique auto follow feature enabled, you will automatically follow back any Instagram user that follows you through the Follow Me app. The more users using Follow Me, the better!

Users to Follow Back

If you’re picky about who you follow, you can disable the auto follow feature and check the Users To Follow Back page to see what Instagram users have followed you that you have not yet followed back. From this page you can choose who you want to follow and you can follow them back right here too.

Happy exploring!