iBox Remote File Access enables direct remote file access from your mobile device right to your computer. Instantly.

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What is iBox?

iBox enables iOS and Android mobile devices to connect wirelessly and directly to any Windows computer that is turned on, connected to the Internet and has the iBox Control Panel running. Instantly view and edit your files including your entire video or music library from all your Windows computers utilizing an aesthetically pleasing graphic user interface.

I’ve already got iBox and now I’d like to register. Where do I go?

Right here.

I’ve already got iBox and now I’d like to download the iBox Control Panel for Windows. Where do I go?

Right here.

What Computers Does iBox Currently Support?

Currently iBox supports any computer using Windows. In future releases, iBox will also support Mac. In future releases, iBox will support online catastrophic storage/backup. iBox is currently available on the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. In future releases, iBox will be available on Windows and Blackberry devices as well. Currently iBox supports connection to one computer at a time. In future releases, iBox will support simultaneous connections to multiple computers. Currently, iBox supports viewing and opening virtually any file on your computer and external or network hard drive, including but not limited to documents, charts, presentations, pictures and all video media. Future releases will also support media streaming.

Why use iBox and not a cloud app?

Although cloud hosting continues to be on the rise, many people wish that they didn’t have to store their personal, private or business data on “someone else’s” server in order to access it. Syncing local data with cloud services also presents various logistical issues. When users change local data, cloud syncing doesn’t always happen instantly, causing duplication of efforts, confusion and sometimes even loss of data. Cloud service companies give away a limited amount of free space and then up-sell their customers to pay hefty monthly fees in order to use the hard drive space the customer truly needs.

iBox enables a direct connection to your computer – without a third party intermediary. No syncing issues – ever. No monthly storage fees for “additional space” – ever. The only limitation to hard drive space is the actual size of your hard drive.

Can a customer use iBox and also use other applications that provide remote file access?

Yes. The use of one does not preclude the use of any others.

Do I have to do anything special on my computer in order to connect?

After installing the application on the user’s computer(s) and going through the configuration setup process, the only thing the user has to do is leave the desired computer on and connected to the Internet.


Technical support for iBox is available through the iBox app. If you require technical support, please contact us. We will do our best to promptly resolve your issue.