iBox Enterprise

iBox Enterprise enables your company to utilize low cost, custom tailored, cloud based solutions for your business. Seriously.

iBox Enterprise; The Cloud Storage Killer

Developed by TeliApp, iBox Enterprise Mobile Solutions empowers businesses to enable its employees seamless, immediate and direct remote access to computers and laptops anywhere on the planet. The iBox Enterprise is built on the technology that powers iBox for Consumers, which will become available on all Android and iOS App Stores in August 2012. iBox Enterprise Mobile Solutions is the first truly scalable and customizable remote file access solution and is designed to replace the failed cloud storage model. All versions of iBox use the latest standard encryption protocols and are not at risk for hacking. iBox Enterprise can be custom tailored to suit the needs of any existing and growing business to enable its employees to be effective and its data seamless.

Cloud Storage Has Real Problems

There are many inherent problems businesses encounter from using cloud storage data access solutions. Off site cloud systems can become quite expensive over time, even if at first they don’t seem to be. Companies offering these solutions may seduce clients in with initial low monthly costs with limitations on file storage amounts. As the needs of the client increases, the storage space increases, along with additional hefty fees. Cloud systems use syncing algorithms that, while effective most of the time, can cause duplication of efforts and mass confusion when not functioning properly. Finally, companies may encounter Internet connectivity issues that prevent their own access to their data, causing loss of existing business, inability to secure new business and catastrophic loss of data. Business data and the ability to keep it secure is the most critical need for any business. Many businesses strongly would welcome the capability to access their data remotely from their own local servers, but such technology has not been truly developed. Until now.