Customizable & Scalable Mobile Application for Convention Companies

iConvention is a completely scalable and customizable mobile application built from the ground up and designed for convention companies. iConvention enables you to facilitate a myriad of communication between your vendors, attendees and promotional companies. It enables attendees and vendors to stay organized within your convention and is designed to become the core application both your vendors and attendees use before, during and after your conventions. iConvention can be custom built, with modifications and additional modules added at any time.

Customizable iConvention Modules

  • Locate & Browse – Enables an attendee to find and locate your conventions, view attendee and vendor information per convention, including their locations at the convention center.
  • Attendee Product Scanning – Enables an attendee to scan a bar code or QR code from the app to view product details, pricing, ratings and reviews at the convention.
  • Vendor Registration – Enables a vendor to register for a convention, choose their location within the convention center, enter their full details and pay for their booth.
  • Attendee Registration Enables an attendee to register for a convention, enter their full details, receive a digital badge within iConvention and to pay for their registration.
  • Vendor Finder – Enables an attendee and vendors to find information on each vendor at the convention and obtain their booth number and location within the convention center. Allows the capability to create a GPS route to the vendor’s booth.
  • Vendor Rep Router – Enables an attendee to find a vendor representative based on their vendor’s current GPS data from their mobile device, and create a route within the convention center map to the vendor representative.
  • In Store Router – Enables a customer to create a live, store specific and list specific in-store route, based on items in a wish list at their selected store.
  • Live Convention Assistance – Enables an attendee or a vendor to request a representative from your company to assist. The customer service rep from your company will receive details about the assistance required and give the attendee’s or vendor’s location at the time the request for assistance was sent.
  • My Account – Enables a prospective vendor or attendee to create and sign in to their account, set up payment information and to create a profile.
  • Content Media Viewer – Enables your company to push information to vendors and attendees. This includes product images, audio and video media and to share that information with their friends via email, Facebook and Twitter. This is an excellent way to monetize iConvention, as you can accept advertising revenue in order to push your advertiser’s information to vendors and to attendees.
  • Rewards – Allows you to offer rewards to your attendees and to your vendors by having them visit specific locations within the convention center or by clicking on content pushed to them through iConvention. Enables the user to receive rewards and to redeem those rewards for whatever you choose. Also enables attendees and vendors to access their rewards history, redeem points and view current balances. Gives customizable alerts to the customer when their rewards are close to expiring.