Customizable & Scalable Mobile Application for Health Care Providers & Their Consumers

iHealth is a completely scalable and customizable mobile application system built from the ground up and designed for health care providers. iHealth can be custom built for doctor’s offices and for home health care providers, with modifications and additional modules added at any time.

Customizable iHealth Modules

  • Appointment Sync – Enables a patient to schedule an appointment through calendar synchronization with your office. Patients can create new appointments, cancel and make changes based on availability with your office.
  • Route To Appointment – Enables a patient to easily create a GPS route to your office and select between multiple locations.
  • Case Creator – Enables a patient to enter symptoms they are having to be diagnosed without an appointment. Patients can create a new “case” and are prompted to enter details about their ailment, any pictures and/or videos they have taken if their symptoms are visible. Doctors, nurses and physicians assistants can then access the information through a web based interface or a standalone application for their computer. This feature allows real-time communication between your office and your patient through the iHealth app on your patient’s mobile phone or tablet.
  • Emergency Appointment Request – Enables a patient to contact your office through iHealth using either chat, audio or audio/video. EAR opens a direct and prioritized communication through your iHealth user interface and allows the patient to get prioritized treatment if such treatment is required.
  • Patient Record Access – Enables your patients to see their all or portions of their medical records from your office. With this module, doctors can select what records and what portions of records to share with their patients. This module is exceptionally customizable so that your office can control the excruciating minutia of that your patients see and what they do not see.
  • My Account – Enables a patient to establish a user profile, enter and update their insurance card information, enter preferred payment methods, update basic user profile information.
  • Payments –  Enables a patient to pay bills.
  • Social Networking– Enables a customer to like your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter, like your webpage and like your mobile app.
  • Live View – Enables a patient to view a live video feed from your office and even to control where the camera is pointing.
  • Check In – Enables a patient to check in without having to come to the front desk. Users can only check in when they are within a geo-coded fence – meaning, they must actually be there.
  • Content Media Viewer – Allows your office to push information to your patients including product images, audio and video media and enables them to share those items with friends via email, Facebook and Twitter.