Customizable & Scalable Mobile Application for Retailers & Their Consumers

iRetailer is a completely scalable and customizable enterprise mobile application built from the ground up and designed for retail stores, malls, grocery stores, movie theaters and much more. iRetailer can be custom built for your establishment, with modifications and additional modules added at any time.

Imagine a customer walking into a retail establishment and knowing that they need to buy an item, but not knowing which aisle the product is located in. The experience can be extremely frustrating. What if the customer could just pop open your mobile app, search for the product and instantly the customer could see where in the store the product is located, and even to go so far as to have the app create an “in-store route” to that product? Imagine if your store is pushing a specific brand of product over another. Wouldn’t it be great to know (before the customer gets to the checkout lane) which products your customers are looking for, so your store can push one product over another? With iRetailer, it can.

Customizable iRetailer Modules

  • Shop & Browse – Enables a customer to find and browse your full product line.
  • Product Scanning – Enables a customer to scan a bar code or QR code from the app to view product details, pricing, ratings and reviews.
  • Price Match Search – Enables a customer to use their product scan and instantly search online for the same product to make certain they are getting a good price. A retail chain can elect to adopt a Price Match Guarantee to match prices with other resellers of the same product.
  • Store Finder – Enables a customer to find directions, contact information and hours of operation for store locations.
  • Store Inventory – Links live data stream from your inventory to the app, enabling the customer to view the actual inventory available at the store of their choosing.
  • Route To Store – Enables customers to find the nearest store to their current location and easily create a GPS route to your store.
  • Buy Now or Pick Up In Store – Enables a customer to check local pricing and inventory, then place their order using the app to either place the order and have it delivered or pick up the item at a store location.
  • In-Store Map & Aisle Locator – Enables a customer to locate products at your selected store with an in-store map & aisle locator.
  • In Store Router – Enables a customer to create a live, store specific and list specific in-store route, based on items in a wish list at their selected store.
  • In Store Assistance – Enables a customer to call a customer service representative from the app. Customer service desk gets the alert and sends a customer service rep to the customer’s location for assistance from the correct department.
  • Lists – Enables customer to create unlimited shopping lists of items from your inventory either for current or future purchase. Also enables building lists using order history, scanning products in store and browsing online. Includes all types of wish lists, birthday lists, etc…
  • My Account – Enables a customer to sign in to their account, see gift card information, see store credit card information, pay bills, add funds to gift cards and transfer balances of gift cards to one another.
  • Content Media Viewer – Access to product images, audio and video media and share them with friends via email, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Virtual Supply Closet – For easy reordering.
  • Dashboard – Features your weekly ad, coupon wallet, store check-in coupons, etc…
  • Rewards – Paperless, hassle-free Rewards, right to the customer’s phone. Enables your customers to access their rewards history, redeemable checks and current balances. Gives customizable alerts to the customer when their rewards are close to expiring.