Customizable & Scalable Mobile Application for Salons & Their Customers

iSalon is a completely scalable and customizable enterprise mobile application built from the ground up and designed for salons. iSalon can be custom built for your establishment, with modifications and additional modules added at any time.

How many times does your establishment give business cards to your customers every day, even though you know that the business card is going straight in to  the trash? In today’s ever evolving world of mobile growth, it’s critical that you reach your customers in their new wallet – their mobile phone. iSalon enables you to do just that. With iSalon, you get a fully functioning mobile app custom tailored to your specific needs.

Customers can download your mobile app and keep it on their phone – not just for basic information like hours of business and location, but for much more. Let your customers know what services you provide. Create profile screens for each of your hair dressers. Let your customers create virtual avatars of themselves and their hair so that they can choose types of hairstyles they want so that your hair dressers have a heads up on what to expect. Let your customers create a GPS route to your store. Let your customers schedule appointments, create a digital cart of salon products you sell at your establishment, even pay for their appointment – all on your salon’s mobile app. You can even allow your customers (during predetermined business hours) to get a live view of your salon, so they can gauge the kind of traffic you have. The key is to continuously engage your customers even when they are not at your salon so that your business and not your competitor’s business is on their mind.

Customizable iSalon Modules

  • Shop & Browse – Enables a customer to find and browse your full salon product and service line.
  • Store Finder – Enables a customer to find directions, contact information and hours of operation for store locations.
  • Route To Store – Enables customers to easily create a GPS route to your store.
  • Avatar Creator – Enables a customer to create an avatar of themselves, their hair and to create a profile for themselves. Customers can select their current hair style and select from different styles that they’d like for their next appointment and send that information to the hair dresser of their choice (from your establishment).
  • Hair Dresser Profiles – Enables your hair dressers to create profiles for themselves. Customers can then view the profiles of your hair dressers, see their experience and decide which hair dresser they would like to book. Customers can always view their history, so they see who cut their hair last.
  • Appointment Maker – Enables a customer to create, change or cancel an appointment.
  • Lists – Enables customer to create unlimited shopping lists of items from your inventory either for current or future purchase.
  • My Account – Enables a customer to sign in to their account, see gift card information, see store credit card information, pay bills, add funds to gift cards and transfer balances of gift cards to one another.
  • Social Networking– Enables a customer to like your establishment’s Facebook page, follow you on Twitter, like your webpage and like your mobile app.
  • Dashboard – features your weekly ad, coupon wallet, store check-in coupons, etc…
  • Rewards – Paperless, hassle-free Rewards, right to the customer’s phone. Enables your customers to access their rewards history, redeemable checks and current balances. Gives customizable alerts to the customer when their rewards are close to expiring.
  • Live View – enables customers to view a live video feed from your store and even to control where the camera is pointing.

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