Ladies Night

With Ladies Night, ladies always drink for free. If you’re in the bar scene, then you’ve got to have Ladies Night.

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About Ladies Night

What is Ladies Night?

With Ladies Night, ladies always drink for free. Ladies Night is a must have for those in the bar and club scene. Guys can see girls that are at the same or nearby bar and club and offer them a drink, right through the app. If the girl accepts, the guy has to buy you a drink. Girls can see guys that are near them too and invite the guy to offer them a drink. If the guy accepts, he’s got to pay for the drink. Ladies Night is easy and fun to use and is a great icebreaker!

How do I get started?

Simple. Download Ladies Night and set up your profile. Guys can start offering drinks to girls, and girls can immediately invite guys to offer them a drink.

What happens when I get a drink offer?

Check out who’s making the offer, accept the offer, meet by the bartender and drink up!

How do I find the person making the offer? What if I’m at the bar across the street?

After a girl accepts a drink offer or a guy accepts the invite to buy, you can chat with each other. Don’t be shy. Find out where you guys are and get that drink!

Can users see where I am? Is my location available to them?

To help you both find each other, you can let others see where you are on a map, or you can choose to hide that info. It’s up to you. If you let, then a simple click and you’ll see how far away you are from each other.