Michael Linetsky

Michael Linetsky, CTO

Michael Linetsky, who serves as the Chief Technology Officer, brings 15 years of experience in program design and development. He specializes in finding ways to implement mainstream technologies in unconventional ways by applying new technologies to business applications. He has had great success with the newest and the most leading edge technologies and has even been contracted to publish information about technology that has not been released to date. He has written published books on Streaming Data Processing and well as novel technologies such as .NET.

He also brings experience as a liaison between companies in evaluating technological needs and creating the proper technology protocols necessary to conduct business relations. Such protocols include but are not limited to mapping, telephony, Point of Sale Activation (POSA), online charging and wireless technology. As CTO, Mr. Linetsky oversees and guides the development of our software and is also responsible for evaluating our technological needs. Additionally, Michael is responsible for researching and implementing new technologies which enable the company to optimize operations and increase revenues.