Mobile Application Developer Associate

Employment Opportunities

Mobile Application Developer; Associate

Position Overview:

Under direct supervision from the Lead Architect, you will participate in the design, development, test planning, implementation, and maintenance of a variety of application systems. Due to the unique efforts of each TeliApp, this position will require mentoring and guidance for proper task completion. Assignments are directed at gaining experience in utilizing standard systems analysis and programming techniques and procedures.

Applicant must be comfortable with the unique aspects of a start-up business environment. We are looking for people who will be excited to join our group at the ground up and get their foot in the door. The initiatives you will be initially focused on center around creating original and revolutionary mobile applications with tremendous initial and in-app purchase revenue potential. Application maps are already completed; your goal will be to bring them to fruition in a timely manner.

Specific Responsibilities:

• Participate in identifying and evaluating end user requirements; provide data for and assist in developing standard appropriate and cost-effective application solutions.

• Develop general specifications for application development solutions by analyzing new and existing system functions as well as documenting the information obtained from the end user.

• Develop functional specifications to define detailed system input and output, file content, systems functions, systems controls and performance criteria.

• Prepare detailed technical specifications and test plans.

• Participate in user training.

• Provide advice to end users, assist in resolving standard operational issues and may support senior staff in resolving complex issues.

• Conduct required research and fact finding, prepare detailed technical specifications from which programs will be written and develop flowcharts and logic diagrams.

• Code, test and document standard maintenance programs, sub-routines and database inquiries in appropriate languages.

• Assist in developing procedures for testing programs and defining how programs interact in multi-program systems.

• Perform other responsibilities associated with this position as may be appropriate.


• 4-year degree in Computer Science (or related curriculum) and 0-2 years of related programming experience (or an equivalent combination of work experience and education).

• A working knowledge of current software applications and technology.

• A solid understanding of  the complete developer toolset for creating Mac, iPhone, and iPad apps which includes the Xcode IDE, performance analysis tools, iOS Simulator, and the latest Mac OS X and iOS SDKs.

• Problem solving and analytical skills.

• Written and oral communication skills appropriate for the position, including the ability to speak well in basic professional situations (may include communication via telephone or in person). Ability to write basic documents (may include email or memos). Typically communicates with a limited group of individuals (employees and some managers) throughout the organization and may occasionally communicate with those outside of the organization (i.e. clients, vendors).

• Experience in developing for iPhone and/or iPad a HUGE plus.

Job Location:

Edison, NJ USA