Our Apps!

Our Apps!

TeliApp primarily develops geo social apps and games with a focus on active introduction within immediate, close or known proximities.

Follow Me

followme_websiteFollow Me helps get Instagram users what they really want – more Instagram followers. With Follow Me, you can search the globe for Instagram users, follow them and then with our unique “auto-follow” feature, they follow you back. It’s really that simple, and really awesome. Click here to go to the Follow Me landing page.


Ladies Night

Ladies NightWith Ladies Night, ladies always drink for free. Guys can buy girls drinks, and girls can invite guys to buy them drinks, right through the app. Check out who’s near you and at the bars and clubs nearby. You can even invite people to join you on Ladies Night who don’t even have the app! Click here to go to the Ladies Night landing page.


Wanna Hang

wannahang_websiteWanna Hang is more than a social networking app. It’s enhanced social interaction, reinvented for our time. Wanna Hang removes angst and complication from first time social encounters and enables users to introduce themselves right from their own smartphone. Click here to go to the Wanna Hang landing page.


Love Struck

lovestruck_websiteYes – we designed this app to do exactly what you think — to give you the power of Cupid, right on your phone. Want that hottie over there to fall head over heals for you? Just turn on Love Struck and let the app do its work. Love Struck uses audio vibrations specifically tailored to trigger areas of the brain associated with love and attraction. Love Struck is part of a new category of apps that we call enhanced social interaction. Click here to go to the Love Struck landing page.

Trust Me

trustme_websiteYep. Trust me is designed to help make others trust you. Going into an interview, do you wish you could make your interviewer feel an instant connection and trust you? Going to an important business meeting and you need the other side to trust you and take you at your word? Just turn on Trust Me and leave it playing in the background. Trust Me is designed to give you that extra “umph” you need to give those around you a feeling of confidence and trust in you. Click here to go to the Trust Me landing page.

iBox Remote File Access

ibox_websiteiBox enables iOS and Android mobile devices to connect wirelessly and directly to any Windows computer that is turned on, connected to the Internet and has the iBox Control Panel running. Instantly view and edit your files including your entire video or music library from all your Windows computers utilizing an aesthetically pleasing graphic user interface. Click here to go to the iBox landing page.