our team

Joshua Weiss, Chief Executive Officer

Joshua Weiss brings significant experience in startups, business development, strategy and leadership. Right out of college, Josh secured over $3 million in startup financing for his first start-up, a national roadside firm, which he grew to the third largest in the industry. He has sold various products in over 7,000 retail locations including Advance Auto Parts, Staples and Rite Aid and has secured contracts with CNN, Wal-Mart and others. Click here for more.


Ian Mathieson, Chief Technology Officer

Ian brings over twelve years of software design and program development experience. Ian oversees back-end server implementation, integration and scalability, and oversees front-end Java and Android development. He also directs algorithmic processes and intelligence of our software and supervises iOS software development. Ian has a BS from Penn State and is a PhD candidate in Bifurcation Theory from the University of Colorado.


Molly Champion, Business Development Analyst

Molly Mollybrings several experience in sales and business development. Molly began her career working both in the small business retail industry and for big box chains, giving her a unique perspective toward the company’s technology platform, Follow Us. She has a long history of leadership experience including fundraising, recruitment and assembly of teams for medical/dental/public health missions to Nicaragua, Panama and Honduras. Molly seeks out new strategic and channel partners for TeliApp.



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