So you wanna be a game developer…

Kendall Bird is an Inbound Marketing Specialist for Rasmussen College. She recently wrote an article in which she sought expert tips for aspiring game developers. She quoted me in the article, which you can read by clicking here. Below was my full response to Kendall.

TeliApp develops all sorts of mobile apps, including games. Right now we’re knee deep in developing a game that will blow everyone away once it is published. But it is excruciating work. People think, as I did, that developing – meaning, programming a game, is somehow as much fun as playing the game. This is most certainly NOT the case! You have to be committed, you have to have a strong attention to detail and you have to, above all else, love this job. If you don’t love it, you’ll probably want to kill yourself. You need to have the ability to read technical specifications and to put your mind inside of the people who are conceptualizing the game idea. You need to think like they do, which is never easy. Most of the time it will seem like what the creative department wants is impossible. And then in the middle of the night you’ll have an epiphany and realize how to do it. It’s those times that you need to get right out of bed and start developing, because whatever “aha” moment you’re having will be long gone by morning 🙂 Make sure you take the required classes so that you have the basics to get started. And one of the most important things you NEED to do, that nobody seems to emphasize is getting a few solid internships under your belt before you graduate. Most software companies are in fact looking to train in new hires, but they expect those new hires to hit the ground running with the type of experience that can be only gained through real programming experience, which is not what goes on in the classroom settings.

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