TeliApp Launches Follow Me for Instagram

TeliApp Launches Follow Me for Instagram – Press Release


NEW YORK, November 14, 2013

TeliApp, the developers that build geo social mobile applications with an focus on active introduction within immediate, close and known proximities, have launched Follow Me for Instagram on iOS and Android. With Follow Me, Instagram users can now search for Instagram posts based on location instead of hashtags (keywords). Follow Me is free to download and free to use. Additionally, Follow Me employs a unique and patent pending auto-follow feature, which helps Instagram users get more followers. Follow Me can be downloaded for free at

Follow Me enables users to say goodbye to hashtags and instead search for Instagram posts in a much more efficient way, using a worldwide map feature. Users can utilize a new patent pending gesture (push and hold down) on the map, and then see Instagram posts in that area. “If say, I’m at the Bellagio in Vegas and I put #bellagio in my post, and someone else searches #vegas, my post won’t show up, even though my post may have been relevant to that other Instagram user.” said Joshua Weiss, TeliApp’s founder and CEO. The Follow Me app displays the location of user’s posts on a map at the time those posts were submitted to Instagram.

Follow Me was originally suggested to us by a group of teenage beta testers that work with the company. One  said, “you need to make us an app that will get us more Instagram followers.” Another said “I want to see where people are posting stuff on Instagram.” Another said, “My boyfriend goes to these parties that I don’t go to. I want to see if he’s in any Instagram posts that he’s not tagged in. I’m not friends with any of the people that are posting, and I have no idea what hashtags to search for – but I know exactly where these parties are.”

“For all of these use cases, and for a myriad of additional ones, our app Follow Me is the perfect solution.” said Josh. “When we initially developed Follow Me, we expected the garden variety Instagram user to be Follow Me users. But that changed when we received a call from a small business owner who let us know that he was using Follow Me in order to see who is posting to Instagram in the area around his pizzeria. He is using Follow Me to reach out to new potential customers in his store’s surrounding area. We’re ecstatic to learn that people are finding additional ways to benefit from Follow Me.”

About TeliApp:

TeliApp develops geo social mobile apps that solve problems. While there are an abundance of geo social mobile apps that focus on passive introduction to people far away, there are no geo social apps that focus on active introduction within immediate, close and known proximities. TeliApp intends to market its active introduction geo social apps in four verticals.

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