TeliApp Launches iBox!

TeliApp Launches iBox Remote File Access – Press Release


NEW YORK, August 20, 2012

TeliApp, the developers that build geo social mobile applications with an focus on active introduction within immediate, close and known proximities, has launched iBox Remote File Access, an iOS and Android mobile app that truly enables users to inexpensively and directly connect their mobile devices to their computer in order to instantly and directly access all media, documents, presentations, images and more. Users can instantly view and edit files, view  and stream entire video and music libraries from any Windows computer. iBox is available for download on the App Store and Google Play for $0.99. There are no additional fees to use iBox.

“It is true that iBox does many of the same things that competing applications do, but nobody does it like us for only a buck” said Joshua Weiss, TeliApp’s founder and CEO. DropBox and Box utilize cloud syncing technology to synchronize multiple machines and mobile devices with the same data. “Those applications work great, but many do not like the idea of storing their data on someone else’s server in order to access their private data. Also, they start out by giving you some free space on their servers, and then up-sell you to pay monthly fees for the extra data storage you really need” said Weiss.

The advantage that iBox offers immediately is the capability to view all video and music stored on one’s desktop or laptop computer. Currently users must pay exorbitant ongoing monthly fees in order to achieve the same through other services. In addition, the $0.99 price-point is attractive to all users, as compared to the $29.99 charged by LogMeIn Ignition. DropBox and Box cloud syncing storage services provided that the data is stored on its servers (at hefty monthly prices).

iBox fulfills functionality and targets a market segment that other data storage companies do not. DropBox, Box, LogMeIn, FileHound and other data management/storage applications work well, but none of them enable a user to access and use their home computer(s) and laptop(s) as their own personal cloud(s) for a truly inexpensive fee.” said Weiss.

Syncing local data with cloud services presents various logistical issues. If the user uses the local data as the primary source of data, and a change is made to the local data, cloud syncing doesn’t necessarily happen immediately. Often times the user will find that syncs did not occur, resulting in duplication of efforts, confusion and loss of data.

About TeliApp:

TeliApp’s mission is to develop geo social mobile apps that solve problems. While there are an abundance of geo social mobile apps that focus on passive introduction to people far away, there are no geo social apps that focus on active introduction within immediate, close and known proximities. TeliApp is developing a geo social platform that will be used to iterate relevant geo social apps for four verticals.

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