TeliApp Launches Wanna Hang

TeliApp Launches Wanna Hang – Press Release


NEW YORK, July 4, 2013

TeliApp, the developers that build geo social mobile applications with an focus on active introduction within immediate, close and known proximities, has launched Wanna Hang, the first mobile app that truly enables iPhone and Android users to meet new people effortlessly without disturbance or interruption, and without breaking a sweat. Wanna Hang is free to download and free to use.

Wanna Hang enables active introduction within immediate proximity. Most social apps are based on a passive introduction philosophy and will display users who can be very far away. These existing apps fill an important role, enabling people to engage in dating and relationship activities at their leisure from any location. However, they don’t give people the icebreaker they need when they want to introduce themselves to someone they can see in real life or is very near to their location. “Wanna Hang enables users to see other users who are within eyesight range. If you can see the person in real life, then you can see them in Wanna Hang.” says Weiss.

The idea came to Weiss in 2010 when he witnessed a high school boy trying to approach a girl in a Starbucks for the first time. “She was studying with a bunch of her friends, and his friends were messing with him. Even if he had walked up to her, they would have acted so ridiculous that he would have embarrassed himself in the process. I thought to myself, ‘wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to introduce yourself to people without having to actually walk over and interrupt what they’re doing?'”

About TeliApp:

TeliApp’s mission is to develop geo social mobile apps that solve problems. While there are an abundance of geo social mobile apps that focus on passive introduction to people far away, there are no geo social apps that focus on active introduction within immediate, close and known proximities. TeliApp plans to develop a geo social platform that will be used to iterate relevant apps for four verticals.

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