On Demand Testing Services

Alpha, Beta & Gamma Software Testing Services

Did you already develop your software, but now need to properly test it? TeliApp has the ability to quickly and seamlessly integrate with your in-house software development team during peak times of development. With limited notice our testing services can be activated or deactivated in order to accommodate the fluctuating amount of testing needed for your software projects. From desktop applications to web based and mobile application systems, TeliApp can handle it.

Alpha testing is the testing done before a launch to a small public group. Beta testing is the testing done once the majority of bugs and error handling has been resolved and your software is ready for a larger audience. Gamma testing is the ongoing testing required to keep your software up to date and error free.

TeliApp has a full service test lab that specializes in mobile testing solutions, functionality, cross compatibility, security testing, loading and performance, as well as automation.