Trust Me

Trust Me is the only smartphone app that can make someone trust you. Seriously.Trust Me

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About Trust Me

Are you for real?

Yes, we are. Trust Me gives you the power of trust – right on your smartphone.

So, just to be clear – you’re telling me that this app…

Yes – we designed this app to do exactly what you think — to give you the power to make others trust you with the click of a button. Going into an interview, do you wish you could make your interviewer feel an instant connection and trust you? Going to an important business meeting and you need the other side to trust you and take you at your word? Just turn on Trust Me and leave it playing in the background. Trust Me is designed to give you that extra “umph” you need to give those around you an instant feeling of confidence and trust in you. Anyone within range of you (about 30 to 60 feet) should get the vibe that you are someone to be trusted.

Once I have Trust Me, how do I use it?

Trust Me is completely idiot proof to use. You just push play. If you want the app to work in the background without ever stopping, just push repeat. It doesn’t matter how loud or low your volume setting is. That’s it!

Oh, come on!

Before launching this app we tested it out – vigorously. We had many beta testers that used the app and all reported that it absolutely made others trust them more. They reported that the effects were almost instantaneous.

So all I have to do is turn it on and I can lie and anyone will believe me?

No! Trust Me wont let you get away with lying. The Trust Me app is not designed to override people’s basic senses and make them do whatever you want. But – we believe that Trust Me is the most powerful tool that you can use to give people near you a sense of trust in you. Trust Me is about sending out the positive energy that makes people say, “I dunno. I just got a good vibe.”

Use This App For The Right Reasons!

As with all of our enhanced social interaction apps, everyone – by using this app you are promising to use this app only for good – and never for evil!

How It Works

We developed Trust Me to help people get that extra something they need to instill a sense of trust in those around them. We all know that sight, smell and sound connect us to the world around us.


The way a person looks or dresses can have an effect on whether you trust them or not. Maybe they look clean cut or particularly sharp and something about their polished appearance makes you trust them. Sometimes someone “just looks shady” and you can’t quite put your finger on why.


Smell plays a major role when it comes to trust. The smells of certain chemicals such as Oxytocin are known to have an intense effect on making others trust you.


A person’s voice can also have a profound effect on his or her ability to gain trust. Sometimes a person’s voice just inherently imbues a sense of trust, like Mr. Rogers or Morgan Freeman. Other times, it can have the opposite effect. That’s not by accident. It’s how our bodies work. Everybody’s senses are different.

Trust Me was designed to work for you by using the power of sound to instill a sense of trust in those around you. Just like a person’s voice may imbue trust, so may certain sounds. These sounds don’t have to be able to be heard by your ears – just by your brain. You know how you can’t hear the sound of a dog whistle, but a dog can hear the dog whistle? Think of Trust Me like that. It’s not meant for your ears – it’s made for your brain. Certain sounds may actually affect the way your brain chemistry works, and Trust Me was made to work on that level, behind the scenes, helping others trust you. Like a secret weapon – just for you.

If you’re really interested in all the science behind it, like our Facebook Page and you will see useful information to understand the nitty gritty.


Technical support for Trust Me is available through one of the nifty links on the right. If you require technical support, please contact us. We will do our best to promptly resolve your issue.

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