Staying True To Your Values

I continue to be constantly inspired by the actions of a shrinking few. My latest inspiration came from a couple who recently won the PowerBall jackpot. Instead of buying needless things, they choose to continue their modest lifestyle. They choose to give help to others in need. My wife and I have often said to each other that regardless of our future financial successes, we will remain modest people, and we intend to continue to live a modest lifestyle. Without placing judgement on those that do, because that is not our way, we have no need for fancy cars and gargantuan homes. We believe that we need to provide an example to our children and to the people that we value, that we place little value on needless commodities. In a society that continues to evolve toward the excess, it is exceedingly refreshing to see others with similar values to my own. Not to say that my way is the right way, because I have learned over time that what is right for me may not be right for someone else. There is no definitive right way. Definitive right ways are dangerous. A more evolutionary philosophy is that my way works for me, and someone else’s way works for them, and both are just as valid.

I have the same philosophy at work.  I do not permit needless spending on anything. No fancy walls, no fancy desks and unnecessary overhead expenses just because we can. You won’t ever find us on the top of some expensive building in NYC unless its overhead cost matches that of a respectable and clean space in our current city, Edison NJ. I much prefer this style, to set an example to my coworkers, that the values of this company are not ‘just about’ making money, but also in becoming a positive role model for others like us. When our HR group receives a resume or a job application, they are guaranteed an interview, regardless of their background or the condition of their resumé. You’d think that this policy is a waste of time, and I would disagree. Because of this policy, we have been tremendously fortunate to find several ‘diamonds in the rough’ that didn’t have a well written resumé, but had excellent qualifications. It’s fortunate when things work out nicely, but even when they don’t, I still enjoy the active and humbling process of learning through trial and error.

Rather than preach to others, like this couple, I prefer to lead by example. If others are inspired by our actions, great. If not, that’s fine too.