Wanna Hang?

Wanna Hang is enhanced social interaction, reinvented for our time.

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How does Wanna Hang work?

Wanna Hang removes angst and complication from first time social encounters and enables users to introduce themselves right from their own smartphone. Say you’re in a coffee shop and you see a girl you want to introduce yourself to. But, she’s with a group of other people. And worse, they seem really busy. And people all around you are watching. Problem.

Open Wanna Hang, stand in a spot where you can see this special someone and you’ll see her profile photo, screen name and age in the app. A simple click and she’ll see your limited profile. If she likes what she sees, she’ll accept your request to connect, and you’ll see her profile and contact info. You can even chat through Wanna Hang. Nobody knows but you and her. Problem, solved.

Girls – same thing works for you. See a guy you’re in to but can’t go over because everyone is watching? No problem. Just open Wanna Hang and let him find your connection request.

How do I get started?

Simple. Download Wanna Hang, set up your profile and start connecting with other users. Wanna Hang enables you to start interacting with people you want to hang out with and get to know, but you can only send them an invite when you’re in eyesight range of the other person. If you can see the person in real life, then you can see the person in Wanna Hang.

What happens when I get a request to connect from someone?

You can choose to accept the request or deny the request, but either way, the person wanting to hang out with you cannot see your shared profile until after you accept the request. Nobody can see your information or chat with you until you let them. The only information of yours that other users see before you accept their request to connect is your profile photo, your Wanna Hang screen name, your age and your profile description, which is no more than a tweet’s worth of information.

When I accept a request to connect, what info of mine can they see?

Once you accept a Wanna Hang request, they can see whatever information you choose to share. You can choose to share certain contact information or not to share it. The only thing that is shared by default once you connect is your first name. You can choose whether or not you want to share your last name, phone number, email address or your profile description, which is no longer than a tweet’s worth of info.

Can Wanna users see where I am? Is my location available to them?

No! Other Wanna Hang users cannot see where you are, ever, at any time, under any circumstances. Other Wanna Hang users do not have access to your GPS coordinates, nor can they view you on any kind of map. When you are near other Wanna Hang users, they will see you and you will see them in the Who’s Near page in a list type format. You can always choose not to appear in anyone else’s Who’s Near list simply by going to Settings->Privacy ->Location Services->Wanna Hang and turning it off.

Can anyone using Wanna Hang send me a request to connect?

Like, if someone is in California and I’m in New York? Nope. Wanna Hang only allows you to make a request to connect with someone that you can see in real life. Once you accept the Wanna Hang request, you can chat with them through Wanna Hang no matter where you are. Wanna Hang enables you to introduce yourself to another person without breaking a sweat, when the person is unapproachable due to circumstances beyond your control.

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