Wanna Pray

Customizable & Scalable Social Networking for Schools, Religious Institutions and other Non For Profit Organizations

Recently featured in an article on MASHABLE and on a radio segment on NPR, Wanna Pray is an affordable, scalable and customizable social networking platform for schools, churches, synagogues, mosques and other non for profit institutions that can help administrators keep in touch with their students, congregants, constituents and donors. It also enables your members to socialize and keep in touch with each other, enabling you to create an exclusive “community within a community”.

Wanna Pray Features

  • Create Profile – Enables members  to create their own custom profile and link it to other social networking apps.
  • Search Users Nearby – Enables members to find people that also use the app nearby, to make connections, chat and stay in touch!
  • Search Users by Name/Email – Members can easily discover people they already know that belong to the institution by searching by name or by email address.
  • Social Networking – Members can chat with each other anytime, 24/7.
  • Here I Am – Users can choose to display their location on a map.
  • Push Notifications – Your administration can send notifications to individuals and/or everyone anytime for community bulliten information and updates through an administrator web interface.
  • Admin Chat – Your administration can chat with your users through a desktop app or through the smartphone app.
  • Events Page – Members can see upcoming event for your institution and your administration can keep it updated through an easy to use web interface.

Wanna Pray Cost

Setup Fee – only $10 per user

There is a one time setup fee of $10 per user with a 150 person minimum for a minimum one time payment of $1,500. Even if you don’t have 150 users yet, you won’t pay anything extra for additional users until you reach your 150 person maximum limit. Adding users is simple at $10 per user with 100 person minimums. A quick phone call to our sales department and we can update your system to enable you to add in additional users.

Maintenance Fee – only $1 per user per month

For only $1 per month per user (with no minimum users), we will maintain the Wanna Pray service. This includes unlimited bandwidth, hosting, chat messages and continuous ongoing server maintenance and upgrades. It also includes 24/7 customer support for any service issues.