TeliApp featured in The New York Times

Jen Doll, a journalist at The New York Times, quotes our Design Director Ryan in the article 7 Successful People Dish on Their Worst Job Interviews (and What They Learned).

Move on

For Ryan Su, lead designer at TeliApp, an AI software development firm, his worst interview moment was also his … nicest. Instead of the hard interrogation he expected, he got questions like, “What kind of movies I watched, what the most recent series I’m binge watching was, and what was the most recent book I had read. And it totally threw me off my game. Although I consider myself a confident person, throughout the whole interview I was fumbling my words, sounding incoherent and sweating much more than I wish I had. I can truly not recall a recent time in my life before that when I left a place feeling so unnerved.”

There are a million embarrassing things that could happen in an interview, Dr. Wen admits. The best thing to do is acknowledge it’s happening and refocus. And later, once you go home, “if they don’t call you back, the best thing you can do is move on.”

Mr. Su resigned himself to failure and sent an email thanking his interviewers for their time. Two days later, he got his offer.

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