TeliApp Launches the Fetch Internet app, a CyberSecurity Solution


TeliApp Releases the Fetch Internet App

Fetch Internet Becomes Top #100 Productivity App on App Store Within 24 Hours

New York, NY, March 12, 2019 – The technology company TeliApp announced the iPhone to Windows solution release of their Fetch Internet app, using their patent-pending CyberSecurity software. Fetch Internet enables people to get the Internet access from their smartphones to their computers, without a hotspot. The initial iPhone release of the Fetch Internet app is available to consumers on the App Store, and quickly became a Top #100 productivity app on the App Store within twenty-four hours of going live. 

Fetch Internet is CUI (NIST 800-171) compliant, and the most secure smartphone-to-computer Internet tethering solution on the planet. “Simply put, Fetch Internet enables the safest Internet usage alternative to hotspots and public WiFi so that professionals can be compliant with their data privacy restriction mandates and also be productive.” said Joshua Weiss, TeliApp’s CEO. TeliApp is currently testing Fetch Internet with a select group of United States federal contractors, law firms and medical offices with this launch and plans for a full-scale release summer 2019, which will include support for Android phones and also for Mac computers.


Founded in 2012, TeliApp is a technology company based in Linden, NJ. Their patent-pending Fetch Internet app is the first and only cyber-security Internet tethering solution enabling Internet access from a smartphone to a computer without a hotspot. Fetch Internet is CUI, HIPPA and FERPA compliant.