TeliApp is an actionable data insights company that specializes in deep machine learning with a focus on human behavior prediction and applied behavior analysis. Our SaaS platform Follow Us applies our technology and enables businesses to organically grow their relevant social media footprint. Follow Us is a subscription based service, and its ideal user is a small business with a geographic location or serviceable area. TeliApp sells the Follow Us service through partners. Our technology is underwritten both by custom software design and development, and also by conceiving and implementing marketing strategies for our clients. Our agency handles social media, mobile app, print and digital media as well as other conventional (and sometimes unconventional) forms of marketing.

our suite of in-house services

One machine can do the work of over one hundred ordinary people. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary person.


our UI/UX team designs wireframes, mockups and graphic assets and writes detailed technical specifications


our development team builds for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Google App Engine and much more


our team will walk you through the process of how to submit to the App Store, Google Play and Windows Store


our support group can continue to update, upgrade and assist your mobile app business as it grows

we get noticed all the time

TeliApp and its CEO,  Joshua Weiss, have been featured in prominent online publications including Forbes, Time, Entrepreneur Magazine, Mashable, NPR, CBS, NBC, AlleyWire, SmartCEO Magazine, CSO, Bank of America, Information Week, PC World Magazine and others. Below are links to some of our favorites, but feel free to read them all here.


we work with you

from start to finish

Some of the best ideas start as sketches and notes on a paper napkin at a coffee shop. Many of our clients come to us with amazing ideas that have incredible potential. We carefully work with our clients to turn dreams in to a reality. Our UI/UX experts take your notes and sketches and work with you to properly brand your app, design it with superior wireframe models, technical specifications, mockups and complete graphic assets. Our software developer gurus take those blueprints and build your app from the ground up. Our QA staff works with you through the testing phase and walks you through the process of publishing your app to the App Store, Google Play and Windows Store. Our team can support your mobile app long term and help you evolve the app as your business grows.

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about us

choosing a mobile application developer requires careful consideration and research. before making your decision, here's some intel about us. we're based in the NYC metro area. if you'd like to get together to chat, grab a cup of coffee or lunch, contact us!

Our Team

TeliApp has over thirty combined years of software development experience. The company founders’ first application was TravelerSOS, which was built into Palm Computing’s first fully wireless handheld device, the Palm7X and was released in 2002. Since then, TeliApp has designed and distributed dozens of mobile apps on multiple platforms. TeliApp’s development team has extensive experience with all iOS, Android and Windows based smartphones and tablets. Click here to learn more about our core team and our history. For career opportunities @ TeliApp, click here.

US Government Contractors

TeliApp is a United States Government Contractor and is able to offer its suite of services to any federal or state agency, including but not limited to the Department of Defense, the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health. TeliApp is also able to perform subcontracting work for other United States Government Contractors that are engaged in grant or contract work with US Government agencies. If your government agency or firm would like to discuss software development opportunities with TeliApp, please contact us.

Enterprise Solutions

TeliApp builds seamless, flawless and fraud-proof mobile enterprise applications for any mobile device, simultaneously streamlining business operations for internal and external use. The need for mobile devices within businesses to help streamline operations, sales and inter-department communication growing at a fast pace. Mobile applications that deliver content quickly and easily should be a priority for companies, as customers become more mainstream with mobile devices and employees become more efficient with using them.

Outsourcing & Private Label

Do your clients require mobile application development but you do not have the required resources to properly accommodate them? Web design and marketing companies with large portfolios of clients often find it difficult to transition to mobile application development. TeliApp can empower your firm to offer mobile application development services as your own, either as an outsourced or private label agency. Your clients will view you as the production house of their work product.

Answers to FAQs

TeliApp has a growing portfolio of dozens of satisfied clients. If you’re considering TeliApp, let us put you in touch with a current or former client to help you with your research. While TeliApp will never outsource any portion of our work, if your firm requires a US based solution, we can work with you as your US based software design and development firm. If you want to work with TeliApp, if you have a great API that you want us to look at, contact us to see if it makes sense to discuss opportunities.

Our Public Apps

We’ve got our own ideas too. Social media location based marketing (Follow Me), hyper-local social apps designed to make introductions a little easier (Wanna Hang, Ladies Night), silly games (Naughty Hippo), entertainment apps (Love Struck, Trust Me); we’ve kept ourselves busy. The first app we published, a remote file access and media streaming app (iBox), came from software we developed to solve our own internal need. One of our utility apps on Google Play (Power Button) has become the most popular of its kind.