Wanna Hang?          for iOS and Android

Introduce yourself to others who are near to you without disturbing them or breaking a sweat!

  • Instantly invite others to hang out.
  • Avoid awkward first time introductions.
  • See profiles, chat and connect in the app.
  • Say goodbye to shyness and chickening out.
Wanna Hang

Ladies Night            for iOS and Android

With Ladies Night, ladies always drink for free. A must have for bar and club goers!

  • For the bar and club scene.
  • A great ice breaker.
  • Guys offer to buy drinks for girls.
  • Girls request to be bought drinks.
Ladies Night


Follow Me                 for iOS and Android

Follow Me gets Instagram users more Instagram followers!

  • Search the globe for Instagram posts.
  • View real-time Instagram pics and videos.
  • Follow users from anywhere in the world.
  • Use auto-follow and get more followers!
Follow Me

TeliApp builds geo-social mobile applications that focus on active introduction within immediate, close and known proximities. TeliApp is able to leverage its existing geo-social and photo-sharing platforms as modules to offer small, medium and large businesses geo-social services for their mobile apps. Our team has significant experience with large scale enterprise systems that enable us to empower companies with the right mobile app solution to seamlessly bridge  and optimize internal business processes.